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Final Community Benefits Agreement

Wireless Agreement Provides Funds for Community Technology and Digital Inclusion Efforts

The Minneapolis City Council voted to adopt contract terms that will provide for over $10 million dollars in digital inclusion funding over the next 7-10 years. This is huge win for community technology advocates, including CTC staff and constituents that worked hard over many months to push this agenda forward!

Terms of the contract are finalized, and include the following community benefits:

  • $500,000.00 up front to a new digital inclusion fund

  • 5% annually of ongoing pre-tax net income to the same fund

  • 2% of additional profits from adjacent community contracts to the fund

  • Subsidized services to over 100 CTCs, and vouchers for trial accounts to CTCs to distribute to volunteers

  • A free "walled garden" of content, available to everyone who can access the signal, that includes neighborhood portal pages, city websites, and public safety information

  • 100% of portal page advertising revenue will be directed to the digital inclusion fund

  • A content management system, and community server, for use by neighborhoods and community groups

  • A guarantee of network neutrality

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